Make Money by Search YouTube

Make Money at Home Search YouTube Videos

If you want to work online at home, please join us. We offer to earn money at home. It is very simple, go to YouTube and search for fixed keywords and watch the targeted video and put money in your pocket.

Job Instructions:

  • Go to
  • 1. Search any keyword, Iftar Recipes, Chicken Shashlik, Noodles and Potato Finger.
  • 2. Watch the full video of Ro*a’s K****en (Remember this is a Bengali channel)
  • 3. Comments the video (Minimum 15 words) and browse the video into sign out of a browser after commenting, whether the comment was published or not. (If possible, write a comment in Bengali)
  • Subscribe to the channel and like the video.
  • Collect major information (When something was given, what would happen next?) from the video to prove the task
  • Submit information that you collect after watching the video
  • Carefully do the task that I am satisfied

Required proof that the task was finished?

  1. Video URL of My Channel (Video URL or video Link)
  2. Major information of the video ( How to cook)
  3. The user name that used comments the video (Your name or YouTube channel name)

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