Earn Money $300/Day and Monthly $10000

Are you thinking of making an income at home? Of course, you can earn money sitting at home. Or you can run your business from home. You can earn a lot of money at home. For example, you can earn $300 a day, you can earn $10,000 a month. If you want to run a business from home or make money you must have some things.

You will need to earn at home

  1. A good computer is needed to do business at home
  2. High-quality internet connection will be required
  3. To run your business you need a website whose hosting must be very good
  4. The website you want to build for your business needs a website template
  5. The website you want to build for your business needs Lots of images for the post, social media, etc.

How to make a website for your business

If you can build a website then it is very good. If you can’t make the website yourself, you can make it from Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. In my opinion, building a website with WordPress is very good. WordPress CMS has been very good for SEO. You can do very good SEO using WordPress SEO plugin Yoast SEO. If you want to sell the product yourself, you also need to use an e-commerce store. And if you want to do affiliate marketing then you have to write articles. If you can’t write your own articles, you can buy many articles online. There are various sites. Once your site is fully created you need to do SEO for the site. If you do these things yourself it is very good, otherwise, these can be done with the money. If you spend your money then you don’t have to do anything, Only you will invest and make a profit. If you follow me every step you will earn a lot of income which will be like 10 thousand dollars per month.

How to do SEO for your website

There are two types of SEO that need to be done for the website you have created to run your business.

  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page optimization

On-page SEO for websites

For on-page SEO you need to do keyword research. You can take the help of Google AdWords for keyword research. You will also get help from Google search engine, Moz, and there are various web sites for keyword research that you can find by searching on Google. After searching for keywords, you can use this keyword to write articles and write product descriptions. Say these keywords and use your description meta tags. Use keywords for your website headings. Research keywords will use the alter tags of the image. You will end your article with the keywords that you have researched. Then your on-page SEO will be completed.

Off page SEO for your website

Doing off page SEO for your website is a very challenging thing to do. All that is required for off SEO of the website is shown below.

  • You need to share the links of your website on social media
  • You need to do backlinks through guest posting on various websites
  • For backlinks, you need to post forums
  • You have to go to different websites and spread the links of your website through comments
  • You need to include your website in Google Maps
  • You can take the help of your journalist to give your links to different news websites
  • You have to give ads on different websites, for this, you can take the help of various ad networks like Google Adsense Buysellads, etc.
  • Targeted traffic is also available on social networks with ads.

Your website is created now you need to start earning. If you do not sell your product then you need to do affiliate marketing. If you want to do affiliate marketing, do a search on Google and you will find different affiliate networks. Moreover, you can make money through advertising. You will find many ad networks online, the most advanced of which is Google Adsense. It is not possible to make more money with the help of the ads network. If you want to make more money, you have to do affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing on the same website and add to the ads network.

How to make money $10000 per month

If you want to do affiliate marketing there are many companies that pay a lot of money in affiliate marketer. They have 20 to 50 percent affiliate commissions. Suppose ABC company pays a 30% affiliate commission for each sale. How much would you get if that software value $75? Of course, you will get $22.5 for each sale. How much will you get if you sell 25 people a month? Will definitely get $562.5. If you promote the products of 20 such companies then calculate how much money you will get. Of course, you don’t earn less than $10000. If you work hard and earn a lot more than that, it will depend on your skills and how you work.

If you follow every instruction, you can earn a lot more. If you face any problem, tell us and come to our Facebook and we will solve all the problems. Good luck to you make a lot of money give your family time be happy thank you.

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