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We collect articles against money. If you want to sell your own article, please submit your own writing article. Your article must be 100% own or unique and SEO enables that is more informative and users helpful. We do not collect and publish software spinning articles because it’s not acceptable for the indexing of search engines. So do not submit copy paste and software spinning articles, we will not be paid for this reason.

Carefully read all instructions then do the work. Carefully write and clear the topic, if need I pay bonus you. But do not submit a copy-paste or software spinning article. Do not change my keywords or phrases.


  • Start title with the keywords
  • Start article with the keywords
  • Use keyword 3 times in first paragraph
  • Use keyword 3 times in the last paragraph
  • Must be used sub-title, sub-title must be Heading tag and start sub-title start with the main keywords
  • Do not use sub-title before first and last paragraph
  • Do not use the keywords in middle paragraphs, the keyword must be used in heading tag of paragraphs
  • Follow Article keywords and click to Submit Article button under keywords for submit post.

Article Keywords:

mocha coffee
mocha coffee recipe
mocha coffee beans
mocha coffee pronunciation
mocha coffee maker
mocha latte recipe
mocha coffee calories
latte coffee
how to make a mocha with instant coffee

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